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It’s more than tech. It's changing the way the world works, interacts & transacts.

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CV VC was established in 2016, with the intention of exposing the untapped potential of blockchain technology.

Investing in blockchain is investing in the future. Not only are we a part of this evolution and technological marvel, but we are enablers and accelerators across multiple industries in the blockchain space.

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The CV VC investment focus is on teams from across the world who are building the future, using blockchain technology as a catalyst to revolutionize how humanity works, lives, interacts, and transacts. At CV VC, we believe that blockchain is the spark for other tech megatrends that are colliding, to realize the future.

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CV VC invests in blockchain founders who possess a vision and determination to revolutionize the way the world works, interacts and transacts.

The world is not only encountering Industry 4.0 but also a transition to a new mindset, espoused by humanity’s need for greater transparency and accountability. CV VC invests in the CV Labs Accelerator, via Direct Investments or in African Entrepreneurs.


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Ecosystem CV Labs

CV Labs helps global start-ups, corporates, and investors to leverage blockchain technology. It serves blockchain startups and the global blockchain ecosystem by providing an acceleration program, organizing summits & events, and providing coworking spaces around the world from Switzerland to South Africa.

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