About CV VC

Who are we?

CV VC is an early-stage venture capital investor with a focus on global startups that build solutions using blockchain technology.

Crypto Valley Venture Capital, better known as CV VC, originated in 2016 and was officially founded in 2018.

Our mission

CV VC aims to identify the most promising minds, disruptors, pioneers, and mavericks alike that have successfully untapped the potential that blockchain offers. We understand that it takes courage to launch a startup, but we know that it takes bravery and conviction to launch a blockchain startup. CV VC invests in blockchain because it is more than just a technology.

CV VC is among the founding fathers of the Swiss Crypto Valley and our resources and network offer the necessary firepower to identify, incubate, and accelerate the journey of any blockchain start-up. Switzerland provides the perfect combination of leadership, forward-thinking, and the world’s most progressive regulation, which ensures a hospitable environment that encourages invention and transformation.

The world's
blockchain-specific disruptors

From our home in the heart of Crypto Valley, Zug, Switzerland, and from our international ecosystem hubs, we are identifying and accelerating the world's blockchain-specific disruptors.

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Mathias Ruch, Founder of CV VC, on the future of blockchain

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Change is the only constant, and through circumstance comes evolution. Blockchain is without a doubt, the foundation step in the evolution of the internet to Web3. The world, the way it records things, and the way it is organized, is changing for the better.

The new technological age is upon us, and as a society, we are well on our way to embracing the fourth industrial revolution. It is undeniable that blockchain technology is reshaping the world, and its many applications lie beyond the simple use of cryptocurrencies.

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Blockchain: the native language of Crypto Valley

Since its inception, Crypto Valley has been one of the biggest and most attractive blockchain hubs in the world.

Switzerland has decentralization, consensus, leadership, and precision in its DNA.

Such philosophies have aligned to create an exceptional regulatory compliant environment that encourages innovation and allows blockchain businesses to thrive. Crypto Valley is the home to over 1000 blockchain companies and it is no stranger to Unicorns, boasting an impressive 12 to its resume, 2 of which are located at the CV Labs offices (Tezos and Cardano).

Right in the heart of Crypto Valley, CV VC’s founders were strategically placed to witness and play a role in the rise of the blockchain movement. CV VC is an expert in transformative innovation.