Investment Thesis

We invest in blockchain because it’s more than just technology

Blockchain is a new mindset as well as a game-changing “catalyst technology”.

Bank the future

The mindset is one of decentralization, power to the community, and embedded trust.

Future title

Blockchain technology can fundamentally transition some of society's biggest social, economical and political challenges of the past into solutions that will build a more sustainable future.

Future title

CV VC investment focus is on teams from across the world who are building the future, using blockchain technology as a catalyst to revolutionize how humanity works, lives, interacts, and transacts.

Building the future


At CV VC, we believe that blockchain is the catalyst for tech megatrends reshaping the future.

We support all features of blockchain as a transformative technology but focus mainly on two of its features which we believe will revolutionize the way forward for work, society, and economics:

Trust capability

Blockchain is a distributed, robust, secure, privacy-preserving, and immutable record-keeping framework and therefore can positively transform the nature of trust, value sharing, and transactions.

The use of blockchain technology has the potential to raise trust and legitimacy concerning the functioning of public, economic, and social institutions, most of which are suffering an unprecedented erosion of trust. Without trust, there is no way forward.

Decentralization capacity

Blockchain allows for the democratization of the world’s most valuable resources, transforms value systems, and creates new assets.

CV VC investments are based on six fundamental pillars:


Abiding (patient) Investors

We have been investing in early stage tech disruptors since 2017, have a committed capital base, and expect to hold investments long-term.


Founders for Founders

Our investments have full access to a dedicated investment operational team , successful entrepreneurs themselves, and our complete ecosystem team at CV Labs.


Global Ecosystemic Ethos

We are a leading hub in the worldwide blockchain ecosystem. We contribute globally: advisory, regulatory, technical, networks, co-working, summits, and intelligence from our Swiss headquarters and our global epicentres.


Industry Flexibility

We invest and accelerate at an early stage; blockchain is global and decentralized, and so we invest everywhere. We invest in disruptors & enterprises that are using blockchain to revolutionize the industries which they serve.


The New Economy

We invest in service providers who are building the infrastructure for the digital asset world, such as custody, market makers, KYC, and tokenization builders.


Investment Bridge

We offer diversified exposure to blockchain technology alongside CV VC. Our investment products have similar mechanics as a traditional venture capital and investments funds - with the added benefit that they are a fully bankable investment certificate with a Swiss ISIN.

What startups do we invest in?

CV VC invests in blockchain founders who possess vision and determination and are revolutionizing the way the world works, interacts, and transacts.

The world is not only experiencing a shift towards Industry 4.0, but simultaneously encountering a transition to a new mindset, espoused by humanity’s need for greater transparency and accountability. Blockchain is a technology that can merge both the industrial and intellectual revolutions. This is how we invest – in blockchain teams who are at the intersection of industry and intellect.