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CV VC invests in blockchain founders who possess a vision and determination to revolutionize the way the world works, interacts, and transacts.

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The world is not only encountering Industry 4.0 but also a transition to a new mindset, espoused by humanity’s need for greater transparency and accountability.

Blockchain is a technology that can merge both the industrial and intellectual revolutions at play. This is how we invest - in blockchain teams who are at the intersection of industry and intellect.

Startups in their pre-seed or seed round can obtain funding via the CV Labs Accelerator. Projects in their pre-A and A round can qualify for direct investment.

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CV Labs Accelerator -
Pre-seed to seed

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CV Labs drives CV VCs international ecosystem by executing the accelerator, developing events & summits, providing co-working spaces, and more.


During the CV Labs Accelerator, founders get equipped with future-proof skills to test and expand their knowledge of technology and business. Furthermore, projects get connected with a pool of 100+ mentors from different backgrounds and exposure to our wider global ecosystem.


CV Labs’ Accelerator Alumni receive up to $135,000 in exchange for 7% equity and 4% future token supply. They receive up to USD $100,000 in cash and USD $35,000 for their accelerator services. There is also the possibility to receive follow-on funding.

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Direct Investments - Seed to series A

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Startups that already have an existing revenue stream and MVP (seed, series pre-A or A) can qualify for direct investment. Here, CV VC invests up to USD $500,000. Apply via F6S so the investment team can get in touch with you.


CV VC is looking to invest in 100 startups that have the potential to tackle the challenges of the African continent over the next four years. Are you an African-based entrepreneur? Or is your startup idea tackling current challenges such as basic financial inclusion, reduction of cost, build of trust, etc.

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