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November 28, 2023
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Why Berlin is the new blockchain location to be!

Ulrike Lierow-Schad, MD of CV Labs Berlin

Ulrike Lierow-Schad, Managing Director of CV Labs Berlin, on the German blockchain industry and her enthusiasm to bridge Berlin and Zug.

Ulrike, who are you?

As a builder of organizations that create impact, I have over 15 years of corporate consulting expertise and more recently I have invested my skills in building sustainable organizations. As a female founder and business coach for companies focusing on circular economy and sustainability, I love bringing minds and ideas together to generate meaningful impact.

I am honored and excited to join CV Labs to continue to build Berlin's vibrant blockchain ecosystem. CV Labs in Zug, Liechtenstein, and Cape Town are great role models and sources of inspiration for me. Moreover, I have been closely connected to Switzerland for over 20years, and I understand both the Swiss & German mindsets.

What fascinates you about blockchain technology?

Blockchain offers many possibilities for a better future for mankind. It allows for transparent data handling and unprecedented equality of opportunity and inclusion. The areas of application are so diverse and exciting.

Web3 is much more than Crypto and NFTs. We will adopt blockchain technology in a variety of applications eg. smart contracts, SSI, Supply Chain, Data Security, PaymentSolutions and Data Ownership. Creating greater efficiencies is what fascinates me about the tech of the century.

You are building an ecosystem for CV Labs in Berlin. How are you doing that?

Thanks to our ecosystem partner Lisk, we have a fantastic event location in the heart ofBerlin. Here we host many exciting meetups and networking events for developers and blockchain enthusiasts. We also work closely with other organizations and projects to network the Berlin blockchain ecosystem and to bring web3 closer to a broader audience.

Behind ‘CV’ lies the Crypto Valley. Do people in Berlin know about Crypto Valley and the blockchain location Switzerland?

Absolutely. CryptoValley is recognized in Berlin and admired for its pioneering role in creating solid infrastructure for growth. Likewise ‘Blockchain Nation Switzerland’ is respected for its legislative assurance. Countless blockchain projects have settled in Switzerland, creating an incredibly enriching network and numerous groundbreaking applications.

Why is Berlin a good place for blockchain?

Berlin has a perfect founder and startup ecosystem of investors, accelerators and qualified employees. In Berlin, we benefit from an excellent education at the universities and colleges, which, as think tanks, also provide strong support for startups. The state of Berlin has recognized the potential of the Web3environment and supports many initiatives. And let's not forget that Berlin's diversity means that it has something for everyone. In work as well as in leisure.

Berlin is considered a tech hotspot in Europe. Why?

Berlin has been a startup hotspot in Germany and Europe for years. In addition to excellent infrastructure, access to top talent and comparatively low living costs, many ideas are developed and brought to life here. Rocket Internet and Axel Springer (to name just a few of them) have led the way.

Meanwhile, 25 of Germany's 50 Unicorns are based in Berlin. Of course, this also attracts VC's and accelerators, further promoting the industry. Our German Blockchain Report shows that 90% of recent blockchain funding went to startups in Berlin. I think that gives a solid answer as to why Berlin is such a bright hotspot!

What are the most significant differences between Berlin and Switzerland?

Berlin impresses with its sheer size and diversity, while Switzerland naturally scores with its beautiful nature and reliability. In Berlin, a great freelancer culture allows startups to hire staff temporarily and according to the situation. This makes starting up cheaper and more flexible.

In addition, with its independent urban culture, Berlin is an attractive place to live. Internationality and diversity are practiced here, especially in the blockchain scene. Berlin also has a high tolerance for mistakes. Ideas are quickly tested here, but they are just as quickly scrapped if they fail. However, I like to also focus on the commonalities shared between both countries such as our shared spirit and determination to build a better future.  

What are your goals for the next year?

CV Labs' good reputation has already arrived in Berlin. My goal for CV Labs Berlin is to establish meaningful blockchain events and formats and create a place where knowledge, ideas and fun are exchanged. In the coming year, we will significantly expand our co-working offer, as we hear from many sides that companies would like a campus focused purely on blockchain.

We are looking for partners who want to implement this dedicated project with us. We are also proud to have published our first German Blockchain Report, which gives an insight into German blockchain projects, which we will now repeat annually. We are excited to see what other opportunities Berlin offers us that might not be possible or feasible in Switzerland.

Ulrike, thank you for this talk.

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