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Mathias Ruch
December 1, 2023
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Team Updates

CV VC Strengthens Management Board

Ruth Salvisberg and Florian Kohler join Swiss venture capital company

CV VC Management Board — Olaf Hannemann, Ruth Salvisberg, Mathias Ruch, and Florian Kohler

Zug, February 11th, 2022. After a successful year, the Zug-based investment company CV VC (Crypto Valley Venture Capital) is realigning and expanding its management capabilities. As a result of the strongly growing business and the successful expansion of the portfolio, Ruth Salvisberg and Florian Kohler are joining the management board of the venture capital company, which invests in the most promising blockchain startups worldwide. CV VC’s portfolio currently comprises 37 investments from over 20 countries.

Ruth Salvisberg joins CV VC as Head of Operations and Finance. Previously, she held key positions in the financial management of international and listed Swiss companies and worked for one of the big four auditing firms. Ruth Salvisberg holds an MBA and an Executive Master of European and International Business Law from the University of St. Gallen (HSG) and is a certified US CPA. Ruth brings a wealth of expertise in traditional finance, which will be essential in meeting the needs of corporations as they venture into the new world economy, powered by blockchain.

Florian Kohler joins the management board as Chairman CV Labs. Together with co-founder and CEO Mathias Ruch, he will develop the CV Labs ecosystem globally. He has already held this role on an interim basis in recent months. Florian Kohler is a proficient leader and initiator of successful enterprises.

As part of the company’s reorganization, the co-founders Ralf Glabischnig and Marco Bumbacher have decided to step down from their roles on the management and board of CV VC and CV Labs. In the future, they will focus primarily on the entrepreneurial activities of the Inacta Group in Zug and the newly created Crypto Oasis Dubai (formerly CV Labs Dubai). The CV VC management board now consists of the two current members, Mathias Ruch (CEO) and Olaf Hannemann (CIO), as well as the two new members Ruth Salvisberg (Operations & Finance) and Florian Kohler (CV Labs).

“We would like to thank Ralf Glabischnig and Marco Bumbacher for their great commitment to building CV VC and its globally unique ecosystem,” says Chairman of the Board Alex Wassmer. “After successful development work over the past three years, CV VC is now excellently positioned in terms of personnel and strategy to continue the success story.”

Recognizing their excellent contribution to running and expanding our ecosystem activities, Tracy Trachsler and Nicolai Reinbold have been promoted to new roles at CV Labs. As the new Managing Director, Tracy executes CV Labs’ overall strategy and oversees the company’s day-to-day operations as well as its growth and positioning. And as Global Head of Expansion & Innovation, Nicolai heads the international expansion and innovation activities at CV Labs, with the aim of establishing CV Labs as a leading player in the global blockchain space.

CV VC maintains its global expansion strategy and continues to grow its investment portfolio of 37 blockchain startups, rolled out via international locations of the in-house ecosystem builder CV Labs, such as recently in Cape Town as part of the Africa initiative. Mathias Ruch, CEO and co-founder of CV VC, says: “Following our successful launch in Africa with CV Labs Cape Town, our goal is to open other hubs in 2022. We are currently looking at additional CV Labs locations in Africa as well as in Berlin, Lisbon, Abu Dhabi, and Hyderabad.”

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