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Wesley Patrick
December 1, 2023
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CV VC Updates

Introducing CV VC’s Africa Week

Celebrating the emerging blockchain ecosystem which CV VC & Seco will nurture together

Ke nako, “it’s time”!

CV VC and its ecosystem driver CV Labs are proud to announce that we will be hosting two launch parties in Cape Town and Johannesburg in South Africa, on the 10th and 11th of November. Together with Binance Smart Chain, the Cape Innovation & Technology Initiative, the Khayelitsha Bandwidth Barn, and the University of Johannesburg, we will be introducing the world to the African blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem.

It’s all about community… building it, engaging with it, and thriving within it!

CV VC has invited unique speakers from all corners of the globe to engage with, and experience, the exciting world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies that is currently evolving at a rapid pace in Africa!

Included in the speaker list are Fritz Milosevic (Vodacom), Zach George (Launch Africa Ventures), Akhona Damane (South African National Blockchain Alliance), and many more.

Blockchain Adoption in Africa

Did you know that Africa is the number one continent in terms of blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption?

The African continent seems to have the perfect combination of difficulties that are accelerating the adoption of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies, which can solve the many challenges. It is no secret that the African continent, in general, has been struggling with infrastructure problems that have caused a lack of access to a variety of basic services.

In the past year, cryptocurrency adoption in Africa has grown by over 1,200%! Such growth has earned Africa the number one spot in terms of having the fastest adoption rate in the world! Although Africa is the fastest continent in terms of adoption, it has not yet reached the level of overall value traded as some other regions. Nevertheless, this is only the beginning, what an exciting time for Africa!

A hotbed for blockchain adoption

With a population of around 1.3 billion people, Africa is the second most populated continent in the world. It is frightening to think that around 57% of the population in Africa does not have a bank account! It is a common theme in life where circumstance advances evolution. Years of issues from many contributing factors have caused Africa to suffer from basic infrastructure problems. As a result of this, it has inadvertently created the perfect environment for blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies to thrive because of their many applications and the many problems they solve.

CV VC & Seco, the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, have partnered to embrace the rapidly evolving African ecosystem. Together we are actively seeking out and engaging with the variety of talent and innovation that Africa has to offer. With the know-how and experience of Crypto Valley, combined with a worldwide network of partners and resources, our mission is to further accelerate the already fast-paced innovation and adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in Africa.

Introducing Africa Week

Our ‘Africa Week’ events will include world-renowned guest speakers that will be focusing on blockchain technologies and discussing some of their many applications. In addition, we have the pleasure of introducing you to our very own CV Labs African entrepreneurs that we are currently incubating. Mazzuma(Ghana), HouseAfrica (Nigeria), Pravica (Egypt), and CARMA (Nigeria), will be showcasing how their innovations have been disrupting their respective industries. We also have a surprise up our sleeves! At our Cape Town event, we will be revealing a mural that will be painted by a globally acclaimed South African artist, Shinji Artiste. Not only will this mural sing the song of community, but it will also be auctioned off as a one-of-a-kind NFT at our launch party in Johannesburg. The NFT will be auctioned off on the Binance NFT Marketplace and further details about the auction will be shared closer to the time.

‘Africa Week’ is our opportunity to announce our presence in Africa and showcase some of the exceptional talent and innovations that we have already found. Ke nako, “it’s time”! ‘Africa Week’ marks the beginning of CV VC & SECO’s journey into the African blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem. We are proudly building our community in Africa, one block at a time.

Africa, thank you for welcoming us with open arms!

CV VC is an early-stage venture capital investor with a focus on startups that build on blockchain technology. Qualified investors can learn how to participate in the success of CV VC’s portfolio companies.

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