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November 28, 2023
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Team Updates

Lisbon's ecosystem can count on CV VC!

CV VC and CV Labs recently opened a new Hub in Portugal, Lisbon. Meet Hugo Bettencourt, our new Ecosystem Manager of CV Labs Lisbon.

Photo: From Left to Right: Nicolai Reinbold - Global Head of Expansion & Innovation of CV Labs, Hugo Bettencourt - Ecosystem Manager Lisbon of CV Labs, João Rosado - Head of Incubation of Startup Lisboa, Olaf Hannemann - Co-Founder and CIO of CVVC

You are new to the CV Labs Family. Tell us something about you.

My journey started as a door-to-door salesman and when I was transitioning to my own brokerage in real estate, I met David Branch. I started working for him and then for Consensus Capital roughly 5 years ago, and recently opened up my distribution company. Now I've joined this amazing family whilst keeping my previous endeavors. 

What will be your role as Ecosystem Manager of CV Labs Lisbon?

As Ecosystem Manager in Lisbon, my efforts are to build and maintain the good name of CV Labs in Lisbon. Make new contacts, build bridges, and close new partnerships. Make events and help manage the coworking space together with Kübe whom we have partnered with.

In your opinion, what is the most fascinating thing about blockchain technology?

 Transparency. I'm a transparent person (sometimes maybe too much) and that would be the most fascinating, of course, there is a lot more.

You will manage the branch in Lisbon. What is special about this place for your ecosystem?

It is special for me, being Portuguese. In regards to the ecosystem, we are a very welcoming city, the mayor is launching an amazing startup scale-up program. Everyone is highly invested in this.

If you think of a crypto haven, Portugal is not the first place you think of. How do you want to change that?

My dream is to create a special zone (a little like Zug is for Switzerland) where you would have a tax benefit for web3 companies. We have done that in the past with Auto Europa (a car factory). Why couldn't we do it for the companies/startups in Portugal? 

Except for the hours of sunshine: What is the biggest difference between Portugal and Switzerland?

Portugal is geographically well-positioned. Portugal has global flight connections and is especially close to the USA. Portugal has a low cost of living in comparison, and we are a very welcoming people.

What are your goals for the upcoming year?

 My goal is to make our hub the go-to place. I want to make CV Labs Lisbon the place that all web3 companies can rely on and contact, whether it’s to establish their company here, to work, or to come to our amazing events. Lisbon's ecosystem can count on us!

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