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December 1, 2023
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CV VC Updates

Outlook for 2022

Moving into 2022, CV VC has adapted well to changing circumstances and finds itself in a position of strength.

CV VC has invested in 37 startups, offers a range of financial products and a popular incubation program

CV VC is very well positioned and will keep operating along its strategy in 2022. The focus will be on internationalization, fundraising and expanding the product range. The global incubation program for early-stage startups will complement an accelerator for young blockchain-focused companies already at an advanced stage.

Our investment pipeline is strong going into 2022. We have identified various projects to evaluate for direct investment in Q1 2022 and expect to conduct further follow-on investments into existing portfolio companies. Around 100 startups have already applied for incubation batch_04 in spring 2022 and we are now screening the applications. In addition to our historical focus on equity investments into startups that build applications based on blockchain technology, we will also selectively explore investment opportunities into projects that are funded through token issuance. This has become the prevalent means of early-stage funding for fascinating projects around the current megatrends of DeFi, NFTs and the metaverse. We are keen to gain more exposure in these areas to complement our more traditional tech-VC-style investment approach.

With the start of the first blockchain-focused accelerator in Africa, we intend to invest in 100 startups over the next four years. We will increase our African team to four employees to ride the positive wave, open at least one more co-working space, and sign new partnerships. In addition to Cape Town, we plan to open more locations across Africa. Besides, we are evaluating other locations for opening CV Labs in Europe, Southeast Asia and India.

Besides our three existing financial products, we have launched the CV CB Digital Asset Portfolio AMC in Q1 2022 together with Crossbow Partners. It is the first fund-of-fund solution, investing into the most attractive digital asset-dedicated hedge funds that deploy discretionary or systematic strategies, such as long-only, relative value and market-neutral positions across a wide range of digital tokens or cryptocurrencies. The certificate will offer diversified crypto exposure across sub-sectors, investment strategies, trading styles and time horizons.

We will now run our redesigned, hybrid incubation program two to three times per year in our CV Labs in Zug. The CV Labs continue to operate at full capacity. We will expand the ecosystem through new partnerships, organizing events and publishing our well-established reports.

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