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November 28, 2023
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Highlights from CV VC's portfolio of blockchain startups (H1/2022)

CV VC's portfolio of blockchain startups

CV VC's investment pipeline remains strong. After an active, successful first half of 2022, we have developed a priority list of projects currently being evaluated for direct investments. Incubation batch_05 is underway.

  • Utopia Music, Switzerland: "Fair pay, for every play." Utopia leverages big data to enhance the global music industry through increased revenues, reduced costs, accelerated payment cycles and improved insights. Under the new strategy to accelerate its growth as a service provider for the Music Industry, Utopia closed 14 acquisitions since2021, increased to over 300 employees and is considered the fastest-growing tech company in Europe. Utopia is currently raising pre-Series C, expected to close by Q3 2022.

  • Proof of Impact, USA: Proof ofImpact is a data intelligence platform that makes impact data accessible to maximize return on investment. Proof of Impact launched a second product offering, increased to over 90 clients globally and has experienced significant ARR traction since Q1, 2021. In Q2 2022, the company raised a USD 3.5M Series Pre-A in addition to USD 4.5M from previous Pre-Seed and Seed rounds. In Q4 2022 / Q12023, the company will seek to raise Series A.

  • AdHash, Switzerland/Bulgaria: AdHash rebuilds a real-time bidding framework from the ground up, combining first-party ad hosting and unique hash IDs to eliminate the majority of ad fraud vectors and deliver transparency & control to advertisers publishers and users. AdHash raised CHF 400k from CV VC, Blockchain Founders Group and Angels as a bridge to prepare for Series A at the end of 2022. They serve 200+ clients such as Domino's, Ringier AG, Bulgaria Insurance, and other well-known brands, media groups, and large independent online websites. They have a 100% retention rate, >1B ads served and >100% increase in ad revenue.

  • Agryo, USA/Brazil: Agryo provides access for farmers to financial services by using an AI algorithm. Agryo is developing a complete infrastructure for the agribusiness space with ratings, risk assessment, lending, insurance, price protection, savings account and trade contracts. The company saw significant revenue growth in 2021, which they have continued to build upon in the current year, 2022. Agryo is about to close a USD 3m Seed round this summer.

  • Xion, USA/South Africa: Xion makes it easy for retailers to utilize subscription models and engage with their customers to supply products globally by using the distributed ledger technology. The platform was launched in Q4 2021 with approximately 4300+signups, 350+ products created and significant revenue growth through Q2, 2022.The company has signed over 40+ Gaming and Metaverse projects for integration in Q2, 2022. They are now raising a USD 2M seed round.

  • Blocksport,Switzerland: Blocksport is building the bridge between (e-)sport clubs and their fans by providing the technology to reach, activate, engage and monetize the fan community. The sports industry is at the beginning of the digital transformation. Throughout 2021, Blocksport signed over 30 clients and added more than 50k users. The company has recently launched a fan token offering and is about to close Series A by the end of 2022.
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