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December 1, 2023
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CV VC Updates

Selected news from the CV VC startup portfolio

CV VC is pleased to provide an update on four of its latest investments in portfolio companies

The iVE.ONE team is all smiles

In the first six months of 2021, CV VC is welcoming four new selected VC investment portfolio companies. Here is a short overview and description of the activities of our new startups.

GK8 Ltd. (ISR): Ultra secure cold-storage and MPC hot-storage for digital assets

As digital assets gain more acceptance and usage, the industry faces a rapid rise in cyber thefts. Corporations and banks need to find a way to offer bulletproof storage for their customers to answer the increasing demand.

GK8 founders Lior Lamesh and Shahar Shamai with their ultra cold-storage solution

GK8 aims to support financial institutions’ digital transformation of traditional assets to blockchain-based digital assets by providing them with building blocks for future blockchain initiatives. GK8 combines an ultra cold-storage solution that does not require any connection to the internet with an MPC hot-wallet storage. Both are connected through a patented “air-gapped” solution. This effectively creates the markets’ most secure custodian technology solution. GK8 currently has some of the top trading and brokerage companies in the crypto space as their customers, who, on a combined level, have more than 1 billion USD of digital assets under management.

iVE.ONE (GER): Tokenization platform for financial instruments

Current capital markets have fallen behind in digitalization for traditional assets and securities. In addition, financial processes are complex and cost-intensive due to the many intermediaries involved.

iVE.ONE offers a holistic end-to-end platform for the tokenization and issuance of any financial instrument or security. The platform connects the three pillars of digital securities: issuance, investments, and compliance — on top of that, it has a built-in compliance layer to ensure that everything satisfies regulatory and business requirements coming from different jurisdictions. iVE.ONE is currently the leading platform for digital securities in Germany and Europe and is partnering up with more notable players in the space every day.

DSENT AG (CH): Digital finance & tokenization platform for real assets

The financial industry is shifting towards becoming easier and more accessible, unlocking assets that are currently illiquid. Still, trading volume in tokenized real assets is currently low. Yet the potential is enormous with beneficial regulations on the doorstep.

DSENT ( platform

DSENT is a digital finance & tokenization platform that manages the entire lifecycle of tokens, from issuance to connecting them to investors and portfolio management. The focus lies in tokenizing real (-world) assets that are typically a bit more complex, such as a revenue-sharing asset token of cattle ranches, profit-sharing token of tennis players, or tokenization of large art projects. DSENT is currently tokenizing various assets and is partnering up with key players in the space active in different verticals.

Tezsure / Plenty. DEFI (USA): DeFi applications on Tezos

The first six months of 2021 have been very impactful for one of the existing portfolio companies of CV VC, called Tezsure. The company has been a participant in the Incubation Batch_01 and recently pivoted away from offering decentralized insurance solutions on the Tezos blockchain towards building decentralized finance (DEFI) solutions under the brand “Plenty DeFi”.

Plenty DeFi platform

The finance industry is known for being slow, expensive, and generally old-fashioned. Tezsure is building DeFi applications on Tezos under the brand” Plenty DeFi” with everything from a stablecoin to liquidity mining to a decentralized yield farming program. With Plenty DeFi, the goal is to bring even more liquidity and users to DeFi and the Tezos ecosystem. Plenty DeFi is already the most significant DeFi application on the Tezos blockchain — a blockchain that enables lower fees and, thanks to the proof-of-stake mechanism, a higher degree of sustainability than other ones. The team is committed to solving burning issues regarding governance, financial inclusion, and environmental aspects, which comes when this is more relevant than ever in public awareness.

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