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December 1, 2023
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CV VC Appoints Two New Board Members - Yvonne Bettkober and Philipp Rösler to Drive Global Transformation

Switzerland. 26 June 2023. CV VC AG, a global blockchain technology venture capital firm, is pleased to announce the appointment of Yvonne Bettkober and Philipp Rösler to the board of directors. The new board members will support the company's mission to accelerate global transformation through the utility of blockchain technology. 

Yvonne Bettkober of the Volkswagen Group is a cross-continent executive focusing on technology-driven transformation processes and has a deep-rooted commitment to startups and their contribution to global progress. Philipp Rösler is the ex-Vice-Chancellor of Germany and works within the international digital economy. These seasoned executives bring a wealth of international experience, courage and wisdom to the CV VC team.

The exceptional capabilities and pioneering expertise of both Yvonne and Philipp are integral to CV VC's mission, which is to forge a better future through the power of blockchain - the foundational transformative technology of our time. With a track record of investing in 58 technology startups, CV VC is committed to supporting the utility of blockchain in reshaping industries and services.

Yvonne Bettkober is a visionary with a proven track record in leading change. In April 2023 Yvonne was appointed head of organizational development and group transformation of the Volkswagen Group. In this role, Yvonne supports the executive board in the operationalisation of the company’s transformation towards e-mobility and digitalization. Before joining Volkswagen, Yvonne served as General Manager for AWS in Switzerland and Austria. Earlier, Yvonne spent 14 years at Microsoft in various sales and leadership roles and was appointed to the executive boards of Microsoft Africa and later Switzerland during her tenure. 

Born and raised on African soil, Yvonne has a deep commitment to the continent and believes that Africa is a startup that will disrupt globally. Her view on the African technology ecosystem is that it is more connected to the needs of the people, hence building for future success. Yvonne personally consults with many African startups and advises female founders at the intersection of technology and economic progress.  

I believe that technology and education are the most powerful instruments to change people’s lives. The digital era represents a historic opportunity for governments, institutions, and companies of all sizes across the globe to improve the way they operate, create and exchange value, and care for their stakeholders and communities. I am delighted to join the board at CV VC which is playing an important function internationally and particularly in Africa by enabling technology as a driver of positive change. I am particularly enthused by ecosystems that bridge global regions, this is what CV VC and CV Labs are doing, connecting Switzerland and African growth hackers to solve real-world challenges, today” said Yvonne Bettkober.

Dr. Philipp Rösler started his career as a medical doctor and joined politics in 2003 becoming Vice-Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, after which he joined the Managing Board of the World Economic Forum.  He holds management consulting mandates as well as supervisory board memberships in both Swiss and international companies. Philipp is CEO and founder of Consessor AG, a consulting company with competence in internationalization, market entry and health consulting.

“My prior involvement with CV VC as an advisor highlights my commitment to the growth and success of blockchain startups. As a new member of the board, I intend to support the continuation of CV VC’s approach to connecting the startup and corporate world, creating an ecosystem where blockchain founders will flourish” said Philipp Rösler.

The addition of Yvonne Bettkober and Philipp Rösler to the board strengthens CV VC AG's position as a pioneering blockchain venture capital company. Their appointment reinforces the company's commitment to driving positive change through technology and creating a better future for all.

About CV VC: Seed investor for blockchain tech startups

CV VC is a private venture capital firm, providing seed funding and an acceleration program to innovative tech teams worldwide, in exchange for equity or tokens. CV VC  expertise extends to offering blockchain industry consulting and advisory services to corporates and governments.

As pioneers in Crypto Valley, the birthplace of Ethereum and home to numerous blockchain unicorns, CV VC is at the forefront of shaping Web3 dynamics. With a track record of 58 investments in blockchain startups, CV VC embodies an entrepreneurial spirit, championed by its visionary founders and board members. CV Labs is the ecosystem business pillar of CV VC, operating its accelerator and hubs across Switzerland, Liechtenstein, South Africa, Germany and Portugal.

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