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November 28, 2023
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CV VC Updates

Does Cape Town have a blockchain hub?

The Swiss and African CV VC and CV Labs team on the ground in South Africa - Olaf Hannemann, Mathias Ruch, Claire Millward, Wesley Patrick, Brenton Naicker, Lorenz Furrer & Gideon Greaves

After the success of last year's Africa Week, CV VC, already active in the African blockchain space, has officially opened CV Labs Cape Town, Africa's first blockchain hub

The CV VC Africa Week 2022 - Investing in African solutions: 

The CV VC Africa Week 2022 kicked off in Johannesburg with an investors' dinner at the Marble Restaurant in Rosebank. The topic of discussion was CV VC's African blockchain investment strategy which is solely dedicated to blockchain-specific talent and enterprises emerging out of Africa, providing solutions to African problems.

Individuals from all walks of life, and our international sponsors, Binance and Polygon, wined and dined and unpacked the untapped potential currently emerging out of Africa.  It was enriching to see the broad level of collaboration taking place within the African blockchain ecosystem. 

Gideon Greaves, Managing Director for CV VC Africa, spoke about the fast-paced evolution of technology in Africa and emphasized how he believes its traction will increase the rate of foreign investment into the continent. He spoke of his pride in opening CV Labs Cape Town. While CV VC is the investment company, CV Labs is the group's driver and builder of international ecosystems. With locations in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, the opening of CV Labs Cape Town is a significant investment of resources and capabilities to support blockchain's global footprint. 

Olaf Hannemann, co-Founder, and CIO of CV VC touched on the importance of collaboration and noted that CV Labs would soon open a hub in Berlin, Germany. 

Brenton Naicker and Gideon Greaves presenting at the Investors' Dinner

The African blockchain ecosystem stakeholders - cooking up solutions:

On Wednesday, the 6th of July, the CV Labs team invited its ecosystem partners for a culinary experience at the Cookery in Craighall, Johannesburg. 

It was an excellent opportunity to engage with attendees on a personal level while everyone's creativity was unleashed across chopping boards and cooking stations. 

The event was a success, topped off with a buffet of delicious meals, accompanied by Haute Cabrière, perfectly paired wines in true South African style. The conversations were engaging, and the attendees used the Cookery as an opportunity to network, engage, and further establish themselves within the broader CV Labs ecosystem. 

Ecosystem lunch at the Cookery in Johannesburg

Educational Collaborations:

On Thursday, the 7th of July, the CV VC team made their way to the University of Cape Town for an event that showcased the collaboration between Switzerland and South Africa, focusing on growing the blockchain ecosystem on the African continent. It was attended by Swiss Federal Councillor Guy Parmelin and a large business and scientific delegation. They were present to discuss and observe collaboration in the blockchain ecosystem, one of the primary domains of cooperation of the Swiss innovation strategy.

Guy Parmelin, Swiss Federal Councillor & Mathias Ruch, CEO of CV VC, at UCT.

The Swiss, with their experience, resources, and expertise, have illustrated time and time again that their mission of growing and enriching the African blockchain ecosystem is no longer a pipeline dream but instead a tangible reality. 

As more collaboration takes place in the African ecosystem, more opportunities come to the surface for Africa as a continent to embrace. The result is a more digitally robust and inclusive future for the content. 

"In Africa, there is a mindset that complements Switzerland’s self-determination and will to create well-being for its citizens and the future of humanity. As we enter the post-pandemic cycle, the world is in need and must trust again. Blockchain is a technology built upon integrated trust. Where there is trust, there can be progress. This is what CV VC & CV Labs Cape Town  intend to do in collaboration with other African drivers - build trust with blockchain tech and enable progress." Mathias Ruch, CEO of CV VC.

Broadcasting blockchain

On Friday, the 8th of July, the morning began with a live interview on national television with CV VC CEO and Founder Mathias Ruch, Véronique Haller, Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Switzerland to South Africa, and Prof. Co-Pierre Georg, Associate Professor at the UCT School of Economics. Together, they discussed Switzerland's profound collaboration within the African blockchain space. Furthermore, the broadcast gave great insight into the Swiss South African blockchain ecosystem.

To watch the interview, follow this link

Cape Town has a Blockchain Hub! 

The grand finale of a memorable week was the launch event for CV Labs Cape Town - the city's very own Blockchain Hub and blockchain-dedicated co-working space. 

With over 200 attendees, each eager to see what all the fuss is about and each openly embracing the exciting momentum that is building in Africa. Cape Town officially has a Blockchain Hub!

Attendees at the CV Labs Cape Town launch

CV Labs Cape Town will act as a meeting point for African blockchain businesses to work, engage, and ultimately create opportunities for collaboration. The idea of the Hub is to provide solace for blockchain-specific companies, a first for sub-Saharan Africa. 

The reception of CV Labs' efforts in the African blockchain ecosystem has not gone unnoticed, whereby its positive impact on the ecosystem was praised and encouraged by attendees to continue forward with the incredible momentum that has been created. CV Labs is an initiator and enabler within the African Blockchain ecosystem. 

CV VC has made 12 investments into African blockchain businesses since November 2021 and has a local full-time team on the ground. They are proud to have officially launched the CV Labs' African hub, a physical home on the African continent. 

The doors are open to the African blockchain ecosystem, entrepreneurs and startups are encouraged to use the CV Labs Cape Town hub as an opportunity to gain direct access to both the global and the broader blockchain ecosystem. 

The CV VC team at the CV Labs Cape Town opening

Through collaboration comes opportunity. Through opportunity comes change. Africa, as the global epitome of life-changing use cases for blockchain technology, is embracing the changing landscape and being a catalyst and pioneer for the global ecosystem. 

CV VC Africa Week 2022 has come to an end. We would like to extend our gratitude to the partners and sponsors who made the week a success, with a special shout-out to Binance, Polygon, and Standard Bank.

We take pride in our ecosystem, comprised of the world's biggest and best blockchain influencers and companies. It is weeks like this past one that give us, CV VC and CV Labs, the opportunity to meet and engage with the driving forces behind the people & companies that make up our ecosystem. We love getting to know everyone personally and actively seek to extend our working relationships into friendships. 

Ke Nako!

Collaboration is key. To build something spectacular, teamwork and the participation of the group collective are essential. Together we continue to unlock Africa's untapped blockchain potential while solving real-world problems on the continent, positively impacting the lives of millions of people in the process. 

Ke Nako! It's time, this is only the beginning, and we are only getting started. We knew Africa had potential, but the more we participate within the region, the more we realize just how much potential there is on the continent.
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