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November 28, 2023
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CV Labs Accelerator Batch_05 Bootcamp Week Roundup

Bootcamp for Startups 

One week of workshops, presentations, and a lot of exchange for nine Startups from all over the world was the first of nine weeks of the CV Labs Accelerator Program

CV VC and CV Labs welcomed nine pioneering startups to the CV Labs Zug office. This was the kick-off of the fifth edition of the CV Labs Accelerator program. The startups were selected from an application pool of over sixty countries and flew in from all over the world. CV Labs focused on the impact and utility their blockchain solutions will bring when selecting this batch of startups. 

The ideas of the invited start-ups were broad: Coala Pay aims to help with money movement in the international aid sector, making the movement of aid money simple, borderless, and programmable. The idea is to minimize the amount of aid money lost along the way. Fungies is building Shopify for the blockchain and gaming industry, launching a no-code developer dashboard for adding an NFT store to your own website. Leto provides a web3 analytics platform for privacy-first metrics, providing insights such as total CID views, breakdowns by CID, and more. Ivory Pay is a crypto payment gateway that enables businesses to be paid in stable cryptocurrency and also leverages DeFi and NFTs for growth. Nyayomat connects buyers and sellers in product search and fulfillment, allowing access to the African marketplace for all. Pyrpose, they co-create a new sector of decentralized DeFi - regenerative finance ReFi. The idea is to have millions of consumers and thousands of businesses that care about reducing climate emissions on the platform, interacting, funding, and innovating. Web3 Sanctuary offers kickass courses, access to mentors, and help to get a first job interview with web3 companies, protocols, DAOs, or corporate enterprises. Zero-Code is the ultimate Web3 Launchpad that delivers integrated tools to launch NFT projects & build Web3 communities without writing a single line of code. And the start-up Colecti, aims to bring the Web2 community to Web3 with its user-friendly and beginner-friendly platform.

Over the week, the startups participated in workshops and listened to presentations. The boot camp week included various events, such as an excursion to DFINITY's HQ in Zürich and a networking event hosted by CV Labs and Chainlink Labs, where they pitched in front of over 100+ investors, blockchain enthusiasts, and the broader CV Labs / CV VC ecosystem.

Over the next nine weeks, the Batch_05 startups will continue the program virtually, where they’ll learn about marketing, legal, blockchain tech, and more. Startups will also receive access to other capital avenues, one-on-one mentorship, and customized growth hacks for blockchain entrepreneurs. At the end of the program, the entrepreneurs will show all they’ve learned during Demo Day, where they will pitch their projects to potential investors. They will also receive up to 135'000 Dollars in equity from CV VC.

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